From their early years, all children should have the opportunity to learn about language. Language is essential for life in our increasingly complex society. Learning English encompasses learning the language, learning through the language, and learning about the language.

Understanding, using, and creating oral, written, and visual texts of increasing complexity is at the heart of English teaching and learning. By engaging with text-based activities, students become increasingly skilled and sophisticated speakers and listeners, writers and readers, presenters and viewers.
Success in English is fundamental to success across the curriculum. All learning areas, with the possible exception of other languages, require students to receive, process, and present ideas or information using the English language as a medium. 
Stratford High School offers a range of internal and external standards at Level 1, 2 and 3. Programmes can be designed to suit the individual needs of our students.
Staff:  Mr D Woodd, Mr B Daysh, Mrs M Visser, Miss A Baird, Mrs R Leafberg

Media Studies

Media refers to means of communication, such as film, radio and television, newspapers, and magazines that reach or influence people widely. 
Media Studies challenges students to analyse and interpret media content and to become more informed and think critically about the media and its role in everyday life. 

Students develop the skills to become informed, discriminating citizens in a constantly changing, interconnected world.