Learning Languages

‘Another language opens up a whole new window on the world. It might be small and difficult to see through at first, but it gives you a different perspective, and it might make you realise that your first window could do with a bit of polishing and even enlarging.’ -Hone Tuwhare, 1997

Ngā hua o te ako i te reo Māori

(Some benefits of learning te reo Māori)
  • Students gain an increased sense of belonging and pride as they come to value New Zealand’s indigenous language and unique cultural heritage.
  • In more and more situations, speakers are using te reo Māori to communicate and build relationships with others.
  • Young people who combine their study of te reo Māori with other studies, such as business, law, trade, science, tourism, teaching, or politics, increase their career opportunities.
  • The status of te reo Māori as an official language means that New Zealand citizens have the right to conduct their dealings with government agencies in te reo Māori. Many agencies require their employees to have competence in te reo Māori. 
  • Participation in official school functions as a member of our school community. Learn our school waiata, haka and song available on the next page.

Des avantages d’apprendre le français

(Some benefits of learning French)    
  • French is widely used throughout the world. It is spoken by over two hundred million people in more than forty different countries.
  • France is the world’s fifth largest economy. Young people who combine study of the French language with study of business, law, trade, science, engineering, technology, tourism, or politics will find career opportunities in New Zealand and internationally.
  • French is an official language of the United Nations, the European Union, UNESCO, and other international organisations.
  • French is an easy language to learn as it shares a large vocabulary with English. As you learn French, you will significantly improve your English vocabulary, and enhance your grammar skills.
StaffMadame Leafberg, Matua Dan Kerr

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