Library and Information Centre

Stratford High School Library caters for a school community of approximately 600 and has over 5000 items on the library catalogue. It is open on school days from 8.45 to 3.15pm.

Our school Library Manager is Mrs Kelly Macks and she is assisted in the library during interval and lunchtime by student librarians. The librarians are available to help students find recreational reading, relevant material for research and general circulation duties as well as creating displays. 
The library has a large collection which is well maintained and updated and resources are provided which meet the needs of our students for their curriculum and personal reading needs. New books on the display stand are changed frequently and students are encouraged to reserve any that interest them. Students are able to access online resources and their own library records from the computers in the library.
The warm welcoming atmosphere in the library means that our library is an extremely popular place.
In our library: we support behaviour that enhances learning
  • we welcome behaviour that makes library users and library staff feel valued and safe
  • we are committed to the processes of finding out, expanding horizons and developing independence.
Library Manager: Mrs Kelly Macks

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