Supported Learning

Our Supported Learning Department and offers different programs to aid and extend students who need specialised help to achieve their educational goals; Remedial English, Functional Maths, Whakapiki (Gifted and Talented Programme) and Whanake. 
Our Maths and English courses provided an alternative pathway for students to meet the Literacy and Numeracy requirements for the NCEA Level 1 Certificate through Unit Standards assessment. 
Whakapiki runs for one period per cycle for a targeted group of Year 9  and 10 students whose learning is supported through an extension programme that aims to challenge students and provide guidance in ensuring that they reach their academic potential.

The SPEC courses provide a framework for a self directed approach to learning and a focus on key competency development. There are three levels of certificate qualifications and students are placed in the appropriate level.

StaffMs J Sullivan, Mrs M Visser, Ms K Lang